Pacific Plastics, Inc. is one of the premier manufacturers of PVC pipe in the United States. Established in 1979 in Orange, California, Pacific Plastics started its operation with a limited product line that was offered only to the plumbing market of Southern California. Over time, Pacific Plastics has grown considerably, and currently is serving the Western United States and Northern Mexico with a broad array of PVC pipe products.

The experienced and dedicated employees of Pacific Plastics strive to:

  • Produce highest quality of PVC pipe
  • Offer unparalleled customer service
  • Constantly expand PVC pipe package

Currently this package includes products for a number of applications:

  • Pressure Pipe for Potable Water & Reclaimed Water applications [1/2″-12″]
  • Pressure Pipe for above ground installations (UVR) [1/2″-6″]
  • PIP Pipe for Agriculture applications [6″-15″]
  • Non Pressure pipe for Sewer, Drain and DWV applications [3″-15″]
  • Electrical Conduit for conveyance of electrical wires [1/2″-6″]

Pacific Plastics’ entire PVC pipe package is produced and stocked at the same location in Brea, Ca. Therefore, the low spots of inventory can be replenished efficiently and back-orders can be avoided. The customer can combine their order of multiple categories and place a single order with us. The entire order will then be shipped from one location, by one carrier, and supplied by one vendor: Pacific Plastics.